Ubuntu / Lubuntu – Can’t Log In (Solved)

Hi all. Just an update on the ‘Fly Me To The Moon‘ tab and tutorial. I was meaning to release it this week, including the TAB for the chords, melody and an accompanying video explaining my fingering choices and hand positions etc. I have been producing the tab on my netbook which is running Lubuntu. Anyway, for some reason it isn’t logging me in and because it has those files on it, I can’t simply reformat and reinstall so I have to get into it using other means.

It’s a pain but I’ll do it.

So while I’m doing that, I’ll post some other tutorials and videos to keep you company.

Thanks 🙂


PROBLEM: Aspire One A150 Netbook at the Lubuntu login screen. Username and password entered would produce some kind of loop, preventing you from accessing the desktop. The login screen would simply reappear. Not helpful.

SOLUTION: This issue seems to be related to a lack of free disk space. Apparently without sufficient space the graphical session cannot be initialised. Now I know I didn’t fill the hard drive up so what did?

I got my Lubuntu live usb, the instructions to make one can be found via PenDriveLinux in an article titled ‘Put Lubuntu on a Flash Drive using Windows‘.

Boot into the live Lubuntu from the usb (it is the top option when the Lubuntu screen appears) and use the file manager to try and find any files that would take up so much space. I predicted that it was probably one file that for some reason is way bigger than it should be.

In my case this file was located in username/var/log and it was called ‘uvcdynctrl-udev.log.’ It was over 100GB. Why the hell would a log file on a netbook be so big? Anyway that gave me enough information to go online and find Bug #811604 ‘uvcdynctrl spams uvcdynctrl-udev.log and fills up filesystem‘ which appears to mention that this is connected to using the ‘Suspend’ feature.


I tried to delete it from the live usb but naturally it didn’t have the authority to do so.

This can only mean one thing…

The Terminal(ator).

Reboot back in the hard drive (looping login) version of Lubuntu. Instead of attempting to log in, press CTRL + ALT + F1 to enter the terminal screen. You should be able to log in there without a problem. Now we need to delete that bastard file.


cd / -

to get into your home directory. Then

cd var/log

You can enter


if you want to view the file list (to check the file is in there).

Then simply enter (carefully!)

sudo rm uvcdynctrl-udev.log

(hint: you can press ‘uvc’ and just hit TAB to print to the rest of the filename, nice if you’re lazy like me).

Then you should take off and nuke the Trash folder from orbit, just to be sure.

rm -rf ~/.Trash/*

To shutdown (not reboot).

shutdown -h now

Give it a minute then boot up. Hopefully that should solve it.

If you want some more ideas about deleting crap from your Ubuntu/ Lubuntu/ Xubuntu installation, visit the RecoverLostDiskSpace page.

Hope this helped. Now where did I put that Tuxguitar file…


4 thoughts on “Ubuntu / Lubuntu – Can’t Log In (Solved)

  1. Hey Esgi,

    I had the exact problem happen to me yesterday. Bit scary since I use the netbook for work (better backup, methinks!).

    Did you find a way to regularly purge this file, or stop it from writing at all. I would rather this didn’t happen again.

    Cheers, M.

  2. Hi there, I cannot remember what I did to permanently solve it. I took Lubuntu off of the netbook. I would suggest disabling the ‘suspend’ feature. Lubuntu should be updated to 12.04 now so maybe update the OS and see if that solves it. It was a real pain that bug!

    • Hey, in fact I read on an Ubuntu forum that the particular package uvcdynctrl (and one other associated package) are in fact only for people wishing to develop webcam apps, which I certainly have no interest in doing. So I removed them using the package manager.


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