Onwards and upwards

Hello there,

I’m going to be retiring this blog due to time constraints. Leading up to the New Year and through 2014 I’ll be working on a larger projects, music and film based. It would be more efficient to share my work, thoughts, progress from my Facebook page and Twitter account for the near future. At least until my website goes live. Until then you can find fresh posts for my original music, video and those backing tracks everyone loves so much, via the links below.

So for now,ย adiรณs. If you want to find me during my world-wide-web-wanders/wonders, try one of the links below. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

Note, these are perma-links in the sense that as long as you use these links (or this format) you’ll always reach the right page, even if the end-page changes in the future.




Main website: www.esgi.co.uk (not yet online)